1. You report that you recorded data up to a million, but I only see data for the first 100,000 numbers; why? Due to limitations of internet bandwidth, we have decided to limit the online version of the artwork to the first 100,000 datapoints. An offline version, in the form of an interactive installation, features the full dataset of numbers up to one million.

2. Why do some numbers have no data associated with them? In one singular instance, owing to an unexpected glitch, there is a value missing for a single number (2387 in the December 1997 dataset). In more recent datasets, we regret that our preferred search engine has ceased to report the number of results for the very lowest numbers (zero through ten), owing to their impractically calculable popularity (e.g. nearly a billion web pages contain each).

3. What are the "associations," and where do they come from? How come there aren't associations for every number? For very popular queries, our preferred search engine reports some extra information about related searches people have made with that query. For example, when searching for the number 1812, some people also queried for the "1812 Overture", while others were interested in the "War of 1812". Many numbers are queried too infrequently to have associated information of this kind.

4. I'm having a hard time viewing the visualization. The applet's performance is optimized for certain configurations of processors and browsers. Please read the technical information on this page.