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The Voice Mosaic is a web-art application that converges speech and image, building a visual mosaic on the web with the chosen colors and recorded voices of people who interact with it from any place in the globe. The voice interface, developed with open-standards in speech synthesis and voice recognition technologies, works through phone calls from any telephone – mobile or not (in English, in US: (800) 289.5570 or (407) 386-2174 / PIN number: 9991421055). The mosaic is seen/heard on the web (www.voicemosaic.com.br).
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>>> about the author, Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel

Engineer, postgraduate in Marketing, also in Graphics Design, web/MM artist. Developing her Master's Degree in Art at University of São Paulo, researching voice interfaces. Director of technology at NMD - New Media Developers. Winner of 11 Internet Best Awards from 1998 to 2005. Speaker at art & technology conferences in Brazil and abroad. > more ...

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