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is this a cool color?
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is this a cool color?
welcome to a page aboutPAPERRAD.ORG on TURBULENCE.ORG's site.
here you can find links to 3 of our pages or read alitte mistory history written by our friend CORY:
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SAVE the RaveS

I rememeber getting an email one day from Paperrad in 2001. It contained a link to "ancient computing" [linked below]. On that page I found a sad robot sitting on a cloud. if he jumped he would be smashed, but if he satyed he would be lonley forever. This was my introduction to paperrad. awesome. surfing back a directory i was introduced to a mess of a site. there were 1 million different colors, table art, animated background gifs, garbage color blue links, and pictures floating around in places only poorly coded HTML would know about. it was all at once a combination of rammellzee,, form art, fort thunder, pure go4it geocities homepages, and pyramids. Like as if the 1990's, extremem sports, and my little pony finally decided to have a party for peace. From that moment I was hooked.

Remember that one tape you had of MTV that you would watch over and over again? For me it was PRIMUS' live performance of "Jerry was a Race Car Driver" on an early Spring Break MTV special. At the time I taped everything . But that one I watched so much I wore down the VHS casette. Now when I play it the tape sounds and looks like it is under water. I think I look at paperrad at least once a day. I think Paperrad is my new Primus.

cory arcangel / beiGE
and here are the 3 links to our 3 projects to share!!!!
Gumby: Xmaz World View cartoon
ancient computing comic
awards page
also check this out:
The paperrad collective is now gooing to change its name to "collective soul"
here is a pic from a photo shoot we took after we got these big diamondz
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what if y2k happens in y2k3 and all the computers takeover?