Galza - stone age multimedia team

Galza is a group of artists who draw ASCII-art. It was formed in 1999. Our memberlist contains mostly Russians, also a guy from Belgium and one from Finland. There also have been works of an American, a Canadian, and a Swede.

Our ASCII-art is done by just using characters of the ASCII table. We've been drawing this way because in the old days, computers didn't have any graphical user interfaces yet. People were stuck to text. As a way to embellish textfiles and the interfaces of BBS's, we started drawing in ASCII mode. You can consider it stone age multimedia.

The ascii artists ganged up into groups. Virtual communities were formed. Our art is being released in a zipfile once every few months, as it is common in the underground artscene .

Nowadays, far less people know and appreciate textmode and text- mode art specifically. That's why we decided to get out of the relatively small virtual community of underground artists, and try to spread our works to a broader public. We make ASCII t-shirts (zeroboutique) and we've had exhibitions in 1999, 2001 and 2002 in Moscow and Izhevsk (Russia), including one in the famous DOM Gallery. Another, and by far the most important aspect is our website. There we've put our heritage in a graphical form, so that anyone with a standard webbrowser can enjoy our art and sideprojects.

Find the menu by clicking on and dragging the slider on the right; use the arrow and esc keys to navigate through each artist's work. The site requires the Flash plugin. It is located at

We thank Turbulence to grant us this forum to express our thoughts and to introduce people to this unknown part of multimedia.

Filip De Haes/Otium, Galza

© Otium for Galza/Turbulence, june 2003 | top ascii by Iron Lung of Galza