(sans femme et sans aviateur) is a browser-based work, that was inspired by Eric Rohmer’s film “The Aviator’s Wife”. It depicts contemporary Paris, happened upon following the main locations of the movie.

The film acted as a guide to the discovery of urban situations. The photographic imagery and the audio material were recorded during walks, bus and metro rides in October 2007, in a manner similar to the Nouvelle Vague film maker - although without any pre-arrangements for settings and observations; and with repeated visits to the locations. My intention was to honour Rohmer’s powers to get me interested in Paris, and at the same time make a work that discovers the city, even if only for myself.

(sans femme et sans aviateur) consists of four chapters each depicting different urban areas: the artificial mountainous landscape of the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. A residential area in the West. The tourist spots of intelligencia in the centre. The busy, military guarded Gare de l’Est. And a bus ride back to Buttes Chaumont. Each of the four chapters is introduced with an image of the respective street map and with Metro noise.

The work was also made with an intention to use the browser as a presentation tool that is independent of user interaction. If viewed on the web (sans femme et sans aviateur) plays for 5-6 mins and returns to its main page. The structure can be adapted for offline gallery exhibition loops.

(sans femme et sans aviateur) was supported by the Arts Council England, North East. It was the first in a series of works, now under the umbrella title zentralperipher - central-peripheral, which is going to be added to in the future.

Jorn Ebner, artist and writer, *1966 in Bremerhaven, Germany, currently based in Berlin. Studies in English Literature at the Universität Hamburg [1990-95] and Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London [1995-98]. Kunstpreis Medienforum Münchnen [2001]. AHRB Research Fellow, Newcastle University [2002-2005].

Since 2000 his works are largely online-based: a suite of internet works including Leonardo Log [2004], Leif Codices [2003], Lee Marvin Toolbox [2001] were animated, interactive drawings - tools for existence. Since 2008 his new pieces including (sans femme...), audio work (the tender indifference), and («Feuerland») are non-interactive spatial examinations.

His online audio works include Which---Side [2007], a downloadable song-sculpture (Newcastle City Council public art programme commission 2007), and Leonardo Log (Klanglandschaft) [2002], originally a walkable installation at iCamp Neues Theater, München.

Ebner’s works have been featured in various exhibitions & Festivals (Siggraph; FILE; Stuttgarter Filmwinter; Viper; selection FILE Rio. Ars Electronica Festival 2008 & 2006 commissioned visualisations for Elliott Carter and John Cage performances by the Bruckner Orchestra. Recent exhibitions 2009: Paperpool, Doerrie*Priess, Hamburg; Uncommon Ground, Vane, Newcastle upon Tyne; [12] Japan Media Art Festival, National Art Center, Tokyo. Contemporary Flânerie, Oakland University Gallery, Rochester.