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No Animals Were Hurt is a short film about Alan Turing. The more views the film receives, the closer it gets to telling his story.

The picture plays too quickly while the sound plays at normal speed, but with each visitor the picture slows. After enough visitors, the sound and picture will play at equal speeds, allowing the story to finish.

It is indeed short, but it gets longer with each 50 unique visitors. It'll reach its full length upon receiving nearly 5000 unique views.

Whether it is at the movie theater or at home, we make decisions when we see a film. We decide to go, and we decide whether or not we recommend it to others. 'No Animals Were Hurt' plays on these choices to in order highlight the relative imbalance of what facts are and are not well known about Turing. He is the father of modern computing, an accomplishment that's impact on culture has few rivals. But even many of his biggest fans do not know how and why he died. So if you want to see the end, tell a friend.

Peter Brinson is a filmmaker, game developer, and educator living in Los Angeles. His work considers the narrative possibilities found in animal protagonists, bot behavior, emmergent systems, and game-play. His films, internet technologies, and computer games have shown at home and abroad. Brinson attended the University of North Carolina and the California Institute of the Arts, and currently teaches at the University of Southern California and the University of California at San Diego. More at

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