When we hear our own voice we hear it not only through the air but also as bone conducted vibration as it travels inside our skull, and we always hear a different voice from what other people are hearing. This different voice is never revealed to even family members or closest friends.

This project aims to create a simple tool for one to regenerate his or her voice as it is heard by oneself, so as to illustrate the difference between what we hear or think we are and that other people perceive of us.


With custom made tool you can record a short clip of your voice, be it an excerpt from your favorite novel, or whatever just happens to be on your mind. After you are finished with recording, adjust the audio with the equalizer tool and try to match the recording to the voice as you hear it yourself.

Each slider in the equalizer represents a frequency segment of your recording, the lower frequencies on the left. You can change the value to amplify a certain frequency to match the output to the voice of yourself.

It is possible that you will hear noise when certain low frequency ranges are amplified, please ignore only focus on the voice itself. You can also click on the audio source name to toggle the playback between the original recording and the augmented output to feel the difference.

When you are all set, you can choose to participate in the online audio gallery of the You Don't Know Me project and upload your recording. After you upload, you will also get a permalink to your voice recordings hosted on the project site which you can share with friends.

Selected recordings will show up on the project website under the Gallery section.


Desktop software is developed with Processing and I have not yet fully tested windows and linux version. Drop me a line if you experience any problem using the software.

Latest Version: 1.0.6

You Don't Know Me on mobile platforms is still under development.



Mail: leejayxia (at) gmail.com

Twitter: @liangjiexia + @ProjectYDKM