So you want to learn how to become Michael Mandiberg, how to integrate yourself into his family structure, his friends, his relationships? This site is dedicated to the premise that one might be able to separate a persona from the body that it inhabits, and that in fact you could become Michael Mandiberg if you had the right instruction, the right props, and the right opportunity. This book will instruct you on how to inhabit the identity of an every day young artist, who is sometimes hopelessly idealistic, and other times intellectually nihilistic. Whether you are actually studying to become him, or simply curious about how a personality could be described through the process of instruction, this site is for you.

This guide is part of The Exchange Program, a project Michael Mandiberg initiated, where a series of 10 people will switch places with each other, and effectively switch lives. As each participant has left behind a set of instructions, Michael has left behind this guide for you.

In order for you to be adequately prepared to perform this character, this guide strives to emphasize the areas of Michael Mandiberg's persona reflected in day to day situations. This guide presents a mutual emphasis on Michael Mandiberg's personality and on other characters you will be interacting with.

It would be impossible to cover every single facet of Michael Mandiberg's persona, every event that has ever taken place in his life, and every person he has ever met. Even Michael Mandiberg cannot remember all of these things. In addition, this persona is constantly shifting and evolving. This guide only focuses on the essential knowledge necessary for you to perform this persona, as it exists on April 20th, 2002.

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The Chapters

Character Traits
Social Behavior
Non-Local Friends
Local Friends
Beliefs and Practice
Physical Presentation
Personal History